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How roles have changed through the Pandemic - an interview with our driver Mark Crosskill

9 Jul 2020


How has your job changed since the pandemic?

Well it’s changed dramatically really, I was a full time coach driver going all over and whilst this has been going on I am a local bus service driver! I had a few weeks of furlough, which was nice to have the time with the family. I’ve been able to have the best of both worlds – I still am lucky enough to have kept my job and I got time at home.

You are usually a coach driver, what have you enjoyed instead during this time?

It has been so different but has felt good to be participating in picking up key workers and making sure things keep moving. It has also been a nice change to be working regular hours and learning local routes. I sometimes live out of a suitcase so being home every night has been good – even though I am missing the coaching.

What is your favourite type of job usually that you’re looking forward to getting back to doing?

Ski trips are my favourite, fun groups of people and I get the opportunity to learn to ski and stay in beautiful places. I like all the European travel, visiting so many great places is definitely something I am looking forward to getting back to.

How do you think the public are responding to the new PPE regulations and using public transport in general?

The rule that masks are now mandatory has been hard for some customers because they haven’t worn them before. Some have questioned why now and not at the start? We have been running a full service unlike some other operators so we have some new customers which is nice. The older generation who were wary at the beginning are now back on board and obviously enjoying travelling again. They have confidence in us to look after them.

You came through our training school, how do you think this has helped you cope with the changes?

I have learned from other drivers from both the ‘old’ and ‘new’ school of coach driving and I think I have a taken so much from that. During training I learned service work and how we do things properly so I was confident to swap – I am a good driver though even if I do say so myself!

As a father how do you feel about the school buses starting again in September?

My wife is also a teacher so it is something we have been wary about. There needs to be a starting point to get everything moving again though. Being a driver I can see and trust that everything will be done to keep the kids safe.

Is there anything you think you’ve gained as an employee or we’ve gained as a company from this experience?

Teamwork makes the dream work! It has proved at this company when our backs are against the wall, everyone is willing to do their bit. We have all pitched in wherever it’s been needed and helped each other out. It’s made me realise what you take for granted. Everything has been taken away – going out for dinner, taking the kids somewhere, my job of taking groups of people across Europe and to anywhere and everywhere across the country. Now it’s dripping back in, I think I appreciate it all more now.