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Out with the old and in with the new

2 Feb 2020


We strive to keep our fleet as modern as possible, buying a new executive coach straight from the factory every year. This has a great effect on morale, as driving the latest model and highest spec vehicles sets us apart from other companies and to be given the newest coach on the fleet as a driver is an honour. It also helps us lessen our environmental impact, which is something we are always consciously trying to reduce.


As coach manufacturers develop greener design and engineering solutions, we support that journey by updating our vehicles to have the most recent environmentally aware coaches on the market. This leaves us with the problem of the retired vehicles. We keep as streamlined as possible with our fleet, as any vehicle not in use takes up unnecessary space and overheads – so what do we do with the old ones?


Our coaches throughout their lifespan here with us, are maintained and serviced to a very high level. Meaning that when they come to the end they are still very good, useable vehicles – albeit slipping towards being behind UK environmental standards. They are though; more advanced environmentally than some vehicles on the foreign market and that is where we focus our sales.


In January 2020 we took delivery of a brand new Mercedes Tourismo Executive Tour Coach and said goodbye to an older Volvo that has now made its way to New Zealand.


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