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10 Things to Consider When Booking Wedding Transport

9 Dec 2020



In day-to-day life, none of us really need to consider how we get from A to B. We just hop in the car, check the bus schedule, or roll out our bicycles. But when it comes to your wedding day, you need to put a lot more thought into the planning of your transport. 


No matter whether you and your partner have picked a luxury car to take you around on your special day, or you have your heart set on a vintage bus to complement your wedding theme, there are still a few things to consider before making your final decision. 


We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most important factors to consider when booking your wedding transport, so you can rest assured that you’ve booked a safe, reliable, and viable vehicle(s) for your day. 




1. What is your budget?


Possibly one of the biggest factors in your wedding transport decision will come down to your budget. 


You and your partner will need to decide how important your transport is for your wedding day and start your research from there. There are a whole range of wedding transport companies available, with vehicles ranging from cheap to the ultra-expensive. 


When it comes to weddings, there are a lot of expenses to consider, so you may need to be flexible in other departments if transport ranks highly in your list of priorities. 


Research the options in your local area to see what styles of vehicle are available in your price range. It’s also worth speaking to family and friends to see if they know anyone who owns your ideal vehicle(s) and would be willing to offer you a ride for a reasonable rate. 


2. How many people require transport?


Another significant factor that affects your wedding transport decision will depend on how many people require transport on the day.


You may only be concerned about getting the bride, father of the bride, and bridesmaids to the venue. In which case you may only need to book one vehicle which does a few runs to and from the venue.


However, you need to consider if you will be offering transport for any of your guests too. In which case you will need to consider hiring a larger vehicle, such as a coach or limousine, and decide if you’re providing transport for your entire day, or just from one venue to another. 


In addition to this, though tradition saw grooms and groomsmen often settling for a taxi ride to keep costs low, there has been a surge in the amount of vehicles being booked for the both the bridal and groomsmen parties.  So you will also want to consider if more than one vehicle will be required for the actual wedding party. 



3. What is the length of your journey?


The distance between where you are staying prior to your wedding and the venue will impact which type of transport options are available to you, as well as the cost of the private hire vehicle. 


If, for example, you are staying miles away from your venue, it probably wouldn’t be viable to have a horse and carriage. Similarly, if you are looking into hiring a vintage car for your wedding day, make sure it has proven to be reliable in the past - you don’t want to end up arriving at your wedding venue in a recovery vehicle!




4. Is the transport suitable? 


Now, this may seem like an obvious consideration to make, but one which many couples have gotten wrong in the past.


You want to make sure that any wedding vehicle you hire is suitable for your wedding day in terms of accessibility. 


For example, if you have a beautiful white gown on your special day but have your heart set on riding in on the back of a Harley Davidson, then you will need to consider how viable that will be. 


Similarly, if you have a wedding day that’s taking place in the winter but you have dreams of arriving in an open horse and carriage, you need to think about how you and your bridal party will stay warm during the journey. Will the transport provider supply blankets? Or do you need to purchase cover-ups to keep you cosy?


Ensure you take a good look around the vehicle prior to booking it, and talk through the practicalities of your day with the service provider to make sure it’s the most suitable option for your wedding day. 



5. How long do you require the transport?


A significant cost factor in your transport booking will come down to the length of time you require the transport on your wedding day.


For example, if you require the driver to take you to just one venue then it will be far cheaper than having them wait around all day. Similarly, if you require them to do multiple trips for the bridal party, then this can also affect the price. 


Make sure you know exactly what time period you will need the vehicle on the day and make this clear during your conversation with the transport provider. You don't want to discover that the driver has been booked for another event and needs to leave halfway through your special day.


6. What is your wedding theme?


When so much of your planning involves agonising over the themes and colours for your wedding day, the last thing you want is to hire a vehicle which clashes with the aesthetics.


This is particularly important if you are planning on having photographs taken with your wedding transport, as you don’t want it to stand out against your overall theme. Make sure the colour of the vehicle compliments your dress, the groom’s suit, as well as your bridesmaids dresses. 


On top of this, if you decide to have a specific theme for your wedding day, you also want to make sure the transport plays the perfect role. For example, if your wedding has a retro theme, then you may want to consider hiring a vintage bus or a vintage car. Alternatively, if you have chosen a fairytale wedding theme, then a horse and carriage may be a more fitting transport option. 




7. Do you want the transport decorated?


Sticking with the theme of your wedding, if you want to have any decorations added to your wedding transport then you need to check with your service provider if this is something they will allow or do for you.


As an example, when our vintage buses are used for weddings, lots of couples decide to have a coloured ribbon tied to the front which matches their wedding's central colour. Similarly, often couples who opt to travel in vintage cars on their wedding day want to tie tin cans to the vehicle's bumper to mark the start of their new journey together. So you want to check to see if your transport provider can do such things for you.


8. Does the transport company have good reviews?


We’ve all heard horror stories about couples who have had part of their wedding day ruined by a rogue company that haven’t delivered the service they promised. Because of this, it’s essential that you take the time to research your wedding vehicle provider thoroughly before deciding to book with them. 


You should check for online reviews on their social media, website, as well as review sites like Trustpilot (if they are listed on them). Testimonials from previous customers are a great way of gauging the reliability of a firm. 


And don’t just book the first company you find. Spend some time having conversations with a few to get a feel of what great customer service feels like. You’ll know in your gut which companies you feel like you’ll be able to trust to get you to your wedding on time. 


9. Does the transport company have a back-up plan?


No matter how much pre-planning and service checks your transport company may carry out for you, sometimes vehicles do unexpectedly break down or have mishaps on the day. 


Make sure you have discussed with your wedding transport provider what back-up plans they have in place should any issues occur on the day. Will they have another vehicle available should yours break down? Is there another driver free on the day if yours is unwell?


You should be able to get all these plans in writing so you’re prepared for any eventualities on the day. But knowing the wost-case scenario will put your mind at ease in the run up to your wedding day. 




10. Will the driver be dressed for the part? 


On your wedding day, you want every single detail to be perfect. And that includes making sure your driver is dressed smartly. 


Many have vast experience and will know to dress smartly for your wedding day. However it has been known for some drivers to turn up in their off-duty comfies


If you’re concerned that this could happen, don’t be afraid to ask your transport provider how the driver will be dressed on the day. Many companies implement a smart uniform for their wedding drivers, and will be happy to reassure you and your concerns.


Looking for your Perfect Wedding Transport?


Here at Dews Coaches, we have been providing wedding transport in Cambridgeshire and its surrounding years for over 65 years. We know how stressful wedding planning can be, without the fear of knowing whether you or your wedding guests will arrive promptly and glitch-free. 


Whether you’re looking for a vintage bus to play the supporting role in your wedding photographs, or want to hire a luxury coach to transport your wedding guests to and from the venue, we have a variety of options to choose from. 


Take a look at the wedding buses we have available to hire. 


Alternatively, you can contact our dedicated Customer Liaison team to find out more about our wedding packages and enquire about our availability for your wedding day.