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Why Travel by Coach? 12 Coach Travel Benefits

17 Mar 2021



Rickety old buses with no air conditioning or comfortable leg space are just some of the outdated presumptions and misconceptions about coach holidays in England. Nowadays, when compared against cramped train and airplane travel, coaches are a rather luxurious alternative, but without the hefty price tags or stresses that come with modern travel arrangements. 


Regardless of whether you’re heading out on a day excursion with your friends or family, off on your holidays, or even just commuting to and from the office, coach travel is becoming an increasingly popular method of travel across the UK - especially this year, with many families opting for staycations above their usual holidays abroad and instead looking to travel via coach for thier holidays in England.



Coach Travel Benefits


Coach travel offers a fantastic range of benefits, many of which outweigh the fuss of other modes of public transport or the cost of running a car. Let’s take a look at each of them in detail below. 


1. Fuss-free travel

There’s no denying that driving long distances, especially into cities or places we’ve never visited before, can really amplify our stress levels. Whether it’s getting stuck in traffic jams or trying to navigate your way around a new area with an unreliable sat-nav or map, we’ve all felt the stress of having to get ourselves to a new area before.


However, when travelling by coach, you’re able to sit back, relax, and let someone else deal with the roads. Instead of worrying about whether you’ve taken the right exit, or if you’re in the right lane, you’ll be able to soak up the views and socialise with other passengers. 


Coach travel is very relaxing - you remove the worry and stress that can come from taking to the roads yourself, and leave it in the very capable hands of your experienced driver. 



2. Plenty of storage space

Following on from fuss-free travel, one of the other major benefits of coach travel is that you’re not hindered by small cars or boot spaces, allowing you to take more items with you (within reason).


For example, if you’re heading off on a short staycation and only have a small car, you may struggle to fit the most essential items amongst your suitcases, such as pushchairs, walking sticks, or sports equipment. The benefit of coach travel is that they have large storage compartments, allowing you to take all your essentials with you.


Just remember to check your baggage allowance with the tour provider if going away for a coach holiday - you wouldn’t want to steal the storage space from another passenger!



3. Enjoy the scenery

When driving long distances, there’s no doubt that you’ll pass some beautiful countryside - but how much of it will you realistically be able to soak up when you’re in the driver’s seat?


Travelling by coach allows you to sit back and soak up the views as you pass the rolling countryside which can be seen from many of the UK’s major roads. The added bonus of coach travel is that you’re typically sat much higher from the other cars on the road - allowing you to catch the very best views. 




4. Cheaper way to travel

Coach travel can be a more cost effective way to travel nowadays. This especially true for commuters who can cut the fares of raising rail ticket prices but ensure they get the comfort of their own seat- and often with charging facilities for their electronic devices. Even if you have access to your own car, when you calculate the price of petrol, tax, service fees and where necessary - congestion charge - it all adds up to be a rather costly way to travel. 


When travelling by coach - whether as a commuter or passenger going on holiday, you only make one single payment, with the cost of these taxes and maintenance fees shared between you and your passengers. Of course, prices vary depending on the time you travel and the distance you’re planning on taking. But for families or group travel bookings, you can usually secure a group-booking discount which still makes this a cheaper travel option.


It’s also worth noting that coach companies, unlike airlines, don’t need to pay for Air Passenger Duty (APD) - a taxation for UK passenger flights leaving the UK. Therefore, tickets are generally cheaper because of this removed cost.



5. Safety

Many people ask; “is coach travel safer than car?” And in many aspects, yes it could be considered safer than car travel.


Aside from the obvious vehicle safety differences, coach travel is often considered a safer mode of transport because of the person driving. As an individual, if you don’t know the roads you’re on or aren’t confident on where you’re going, you could find yourself feeling unsafe or not relaxed. 


But with coach travel, you can have peace of mind, knowing you are being transported by a professional driver who has experience in navigating the roads. By law, they’ll be engaging in regular coach driver training and health checks, ensuring they’re evaluated as safe drivers that are fit to work. 



6. Comfort

By far one of the most beneficial reasons to travel by coach is the level of comfort you can experience. Coach travel far outweighs the comfort of train and bus travel, with their plush modern interiors. 


Coaches are very spacious, well-maintained, and offer air-conditioning for a comfortable journey. Our fleet of luxury coaches also come with on-board drinks facilities, a W/C, and on some, a TV/DVD player - offering everything you need for great travel experience.


In this sense, travelling by coach allows you to arrive at your destination feeling relaxed and refreshed - ready to take on whatever the day ahead throws at you. This can be especially beneficial for commuters, who often arrive at the office feeling hot and weary after being crammed onto trains with limited seating availability.




7. Parking

Now, this may seem like a minor and possibly strange benefit of coach travel, but one which actually plays a daily havoc in many car owner’s lives.


When driving your car, especially into a city, how often do you a) struggle to find a parking space and b) gasp at the cost of parking? Unless you’re prepared to walk from a distant car park, you could find yourself spending the same price to park for a day as you would on a meal out at a restaurant.


A huge advantage of coach travel is that it completely eradicates the need to worry about parking. Often, cities have great coach drop-off bays, located close to all the popular local amenities, allowing you to make the most out of your time there. Usually, your friendly coach driver will drop you off and pick you back up from the same spot at a set time, and it’s often only a short walk from the area you want to go and explore.



8. Reduces your environmental impact


Over the past few years, lots of research has been carried out to look at ways to reduce the environmental impact our growing population is having on the planet, with coach travel being named as one of the best transport solutions. 


A coach may be a large vehicle, but it has the ability to carry a large haul of passengers. If all those passengers had their own cars and travelled individually, there would be a significant increase in their carbon footprint.


Many modern coaches are also fitted with devices to help reduce the amount of harmful pollutants they produce. For example, all of our coaches are fitted with Euro6 engines and are fully compliant with the European Union’s low emission requirements. On top of this, all our commercial vehicles are also tracked for their fuel consumption permitting them to enter the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone in London. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact on the countryside, and are always looking to implement new ‘green’ measures where possible.



9. No need to research itineraries

For individuals looking to take the fuss out of planning a trip, then booking a holiday or day excursion with a coach company is certainly the option for you. 


When you book your transport with a coach operator, they usually arrange all travel, accommodation and any entrance tickets you may need during your trip - which will be included in the price of your ticket. They’ll also usually be on-board and travel with you to ensure everything runs smoothly and answer any questions you may have about the trip. 


They’ll also be available to contact throughout the tirp and guarantee all your concerns are met and dealt with - so you can enjoy a fuss-free day or break with your friends and/or family.




10. One smooth journey

Did you know that in a recent survey, at least a third of UK residents rated their experience at the airport as more stressful an experience than their average working week? 


Eliminate all the fuss of having to check-in or have your baggage checked with the ease of coach travel. As long as you have the necessary documents prepared for when you arrive, the travel operator will usually handle the rest for you.


There’ll be no need to haul your luggage off the coach and through airport scanners, or battle with trying to rush through customs. Instead, you can enjoy one relaxing journey from start to finish - with plenty of comfort breaks along the way to allow you to stretch your legs and soak up some fresh air. 



11. Convenient pick-up locations

Do you often find yourself having to hop from taxi or bus to train as part of your commute? 


With coach travel, many companies offer convenient pick-up locations located close to your home, reducing the amount of time and fuss needed to hop on-board. For commuters, those extra minutes in the morning or night are essential in helping you feel refreshed and stress-free. 


For those going on holiday via coach, the tour operator may even arrange taxi or minibus travel from your home to the coach depot or pick-up location, meaning you can forget all worries about how to get to the vehicle with your suitcases.



12. Discover more!

If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that there’s so much to see and enjoy in the UK - which many of us haven’t even scratched the surface of. 


Today, coach operators plan a whole host of exciting itineraries for customers, including trips to picturesque locations such as The Cotsowlds or the Peak District, to theatrical and sporting events, as well as a whole host of other special interest breaks.


If you want to discover more about our country and have the opportunity to experience it all without the hassle of needing to research and plan routes - then coach travel sounds like the perfect solution for you!




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