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Why You Should Consider Corporate Coach Hire for Your Next Business Trip

31 Mar 2021



No matter what industry you operate in, almost every company will experience the need to arrange corporate travel at some point in their lifetime. From itinerary planning and travel spend to monitoring business travel expenses, companies put a lot of thought into creating the best corporate travel for their employees as possible. 


One of the biggest aspects of arranging corporate travel is the actual transportation method that will get you and your employees to your destination. Mainly, price is the biggest dictator in this decision, but there are actually many factors that you should consider when making your business travel plans, including flexibility, comfort, reliability of the company, and considerations on the environment. 


Interestingly, coach travel has become a popular mode of transport for businesses and organisations looking for a professional, safe, and reliable travel solution, without the hefty price tags. It ticks many of the boxes that organisations look for when booking travel, including cheaper overheads, as well as providing UK-wide travel solutions with the need to change vehicles during a journey. 


If you haven’t yet considered corporate coach hire for your organisaion, keep reading below to see why you should definitely consider using it in the future for any of your business travel needs.




What does Corporate Travel mean?


Before getting behind the reasons why companies should consider booking a coach for their next corporate travel, let’s establish what we mean by the phrase.


The term, corporate travel refers to any travel carried out by employees or owners of a business. In its broadest terms, it can refer to everything from your employees travelling to sell products and/or services, have meetings, to train remote employees, or even attend a training or social event, such as team building, Christmas, or anniversary parties.


No matter how often you and your employees travel or the destination to which you are all travelling, as long as it’s on behalf of your company it is referred to as corporate travel. 



What are the benefits of using corporate coach hire?


For large groups and companies looking for travel to events, presentations, or even company excursions, you should consider using coach travel. If you haven’t yet, you could be missing out on cheaper overhead costs, stress-free planning, and most importantly, a comfortable, refreshing travel experience for you and your employees.


Below, we’ll take a look at some of the biggest benefits that come from booking corporate coach hire, and why you may want to use it moving forward.



Flexible pick-up/drop-off destinations


We know how hard it can be to ensure your entire passenger cohort will be at the office at the right time to head off on your travels together, especially if many of them have long commutes. And this is where coach travel can really benefit companies.


When planning your trip, you can discuss with the coach company about having flexible pick-up and drop-off destinations, taking the pre-travel stress out of the day for your employees. This can be particularly beneficial if you need to leave early in the morning or have offices in a number of different locations, so people aren’t having to dash about and arrive already feeling flustered before the day has begun. 


Depending on your time constraints and the location of employees, you could arange with your coach operator to do a few pick up locations, making it easier for your employees to hop on-board at a more convenient place for them.




Stress-free booking process


When you book corporate coach hire, you can leave all the organisation and planning to the company, lifting a heavy burden and stress from your shoulders - allowing you to enjoy your journey and arrive at your destination feeling refreshed. 


There’s no need to worry about planning around rush hour traffic, navigating roads that are new to you, or making sure you get everyone to the destination on time. All those difficult decisions will be left down to the experienced coach company and their drivers, who will be experienced in navigating the roads. 


All you need to do is provide a destination, time, and passenger numbers - the rest will be taken care of for you.



UK-wide transport solution


Have you ever looked at booking a business trip, only to see that you have to hop on and off trains two or even three times? Even if you’re travelling by company car, if you’re travelling long distances you may need to factor in time to take driving breaks, or even an overnight stay if you have a long day of events. 


A great benefit of travelling by coach is that you and your employees can travel pretty much anywhere in the UK, without the need to worry about having to change halfway through, or find somewhere to fill up with fuel, saving a lot of time and money. Coach drivers can swap during long journeys and will have an opportunity to rest during the day whilst you’re at your event - allowing you to save on any potential hotel costs that you may have needed if doing the drive yourself. 


Being based in Cambridgeshire, our coach depot is conveniently located for travel from the local area to some of the most popular towns and cities in the UK. We’ll plan the most cost-friendly route possible, taking traffic and time considerations into organising the most efficient route we can.





Professional, clean, and comfortable travel 


If you’ve been fortunate enough to experience rail travel and other forms of public transport during commuter times, then you know that any option other than public transport is going to present you with a much more comfortable travel option - just to get a seat is a bonus nowadays!


By far one of the biggest reasons to book corporate coach hire is the level of comfort you and your employees will experience. Coaches are very spacious, clean, and offer air-conditioning for a comfortable journey. Our luxury coaches also come with on-board drinks facilities, charging ports, a W/C, and on some, a TV/DVD player - offering everything you and your employees may need for a refreshing travel experience. 


There’s no greater feeling than arriving at your destination feeling relaxed - ready to take on the events of the day ahead. This can be especially helpful for commuters or those attending important presentations or events, as they have the opportunity to work on-board, arriving confident and fully prepared for the day ahead. 



Supplier Benefits

When you regularly book your travel with the same company, you’ll usually form connections and good relationships with the staff that organise your corporate travel for you. As a valued and regular corporate coach hire customer, often these companies will negotiate discounts to keep you coming back, saving you and your organisation money. 


As you can imagine, this is a nice benefit in having preferred supplier partners; you give them custom and they’ll provide you with a discount. They get more business and you’ll be saving on any corporate travel you book. You and your employees will be making the same trip regardless of cost, so why not go about trying to save money in the process?



Reduce your environmental impact


Contrary to belief, despite being one of the largest vehicles on the road, coaches can be a far more environmentally-friendly way to travel, largely due to their ability to carry a significant haul of passengers. Lots of research has been carried out to look at the ways we can make travel more sustainable, with coach travel ranking as one of the best solutions for regular commuting to work and large group travel.


If a group of 50 people or more decided to travel to a destination by carpool, this could equate to at least 20 cars on the road. Travelling by coach causes less pollution per person per kilometre, than it would do travelling as a group on a train or by car. Furthermore, in busy cities like London and Manchester, coaches are able to help cut a lot of congestion - taking up the space of just two cars, but carrying a large group of travellers.


On top of this, over the past few decades, a lot of work has been done to make coaches a more ecologically-friendly way to travel - not just in and around cities, but around the whole of the UK too. 


Specifically, all of our coaches are fitted with Euro6 engines and are fully compliant with the European Union’s low emission requirements. All our commercial vehicles are also tracked for their fuel consumption, which permits them to enter the Ultra-Low Emissions Zone in London. We’re committed to reducing our environmental impact, and are always looking to implement new, sustainable measures where possible.



Inexpensive travel option


A common misconception about coach travel is that it’s quite a pricey option, but this simply isn’t true - especially for those travelling in large groups or by a significant distance.  


For companies and large groups, coach travel represents excellent value for money, especially when you calculate the cost per head and how much this would cost in rail or even taxi fares. Even if you calculate the cost of employees driving together in company or personal cars, when you add up the cost of fuel, tolls, and parking prices, coach travel can still prove a more inexpensive option by comparison. 





There’s no denying that coach travel provides many benefits for your business and employees travel needs. Whether it’s helping you to cut time and money costs, to ensuring your employees arrive at the destination feeling calm, refreshed and relaxed, it’s hardly surprising that coach travel is becoming the preferred transport option for a growing number of businesses in the UK. 


Of course, only you will be able to decide the most effective transport solution, once you have researched and obtained quotes for different methods and from different companies. Speak it through with your colleagues at work, and gauge what transport most appeals to them based on the different factors - helping you to make an informed decision. 



Book Corporate Coach Hire in Peterborough and Cambridgeshire


When it comes to arranging group travel for your business needs, corporate coach hire seems like an obvious choice. From cheaper overhead costs to the obvious comfort and stress-free travel experience, coach travel is becoming an increasingly popular mode of transport for businesses and large groups.


As members of The Guild of British Coach Operators, as well as being Coach Marque accredited, we are committed to providing the safest, most reliable, and quality travel experience for all our clients. If you’re looking to book reliable corporate coach hire in the Peterborough area or surrounding Cambridgeshire, then please contact us


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